About Jhalawar Kendriya Sahkari Bank Ltd. (CCB JHALAWAR)

Jhalawar Kendriya Sahkari Bank Ltd. is registered as co-operative society under Rajasthan Co-operative Societies Act IV of 1953, Registration no is 319/O. Jhalawar Kendriya Sahkari Bank started functioning on 22nd March 1957. Jhalawar Kendriya Sahkari Bank is a RBI Licenced Co-operative bank with a standing of 60 years, Its RBI Licence no is RPCD.(JPR) CO-OP09/Dated 18th Jan 2012.

It has a Head Office and 15 branches. Head Office is situated at, Sahkar Bhawan, NH 12, Jhalrapatan Road, Jhalawar District.

The Bank was computerised in the year 2013. Bank implemented Centralised Online Real time Electronic Banking solution (CORE BANKING), the world-renowned core-banking solution ‘TCS Bancs24’ (Retail banking module) developed by TCS; since December 2013 to provide modern Banking service to the customers in all walks of life.

The Bank has fine tuned its services to cater to the needs of various sections of the society and bank is offering a variety and fast service to the public. The products and services offered by the bank include Demand Deposit, Time Deposit, Short Term and Medium Term Loans to farmers and retail trade, self employment purposes and other services like Lockers, Remittance, Daily Collections etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain as the strong, sound and leading organization in the cooperative credit structure and to be the backbone for the rural financial sector of Jhalawar. Through the efficient management of the organization, it would aspire to function as a professional, profitable and socially responsible organization ensuring the best service to its stakeholders and customers by providing good value for their money and thereby ensure accelerated development of the rural population.

In our concern Cooperative is for

  • C - Concern for the people; commitment to social development.
  • O - Offer best quality banking service.
  • O - Operational accessibility to all
  • P - People friendly products and activities
  • E - Ethics and justice to customers
  • R - Responsibility towards the down trodden
  • A - Acceptance and accommodation of haves and have-nots.
  • T - Technological up gradation and advancement
  • I - Innovation and Excellence
  • V - Vibrant and proactive banking institution.
  • E - Empower the masses – Enrich society.

Board of Directors


(Administrator & Collector)

SHRI ALOK RANJAN is the Administrator of the Jhalawar Kendriya Sahkari Bank Ltd. He is also district collector of Jhalawar.

Shri Gulab Chand Meena

(Managing Director)